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Friday, December 28, 2012

I've changed the layout of my blog. Well, it's one of my backlog. The first thing I've changed is HTML5. Pretty smooth and easy to shift to HTML5. Instead of the generic div to segragrate information, I've much more variety, like Section and Article. HTML5 has sematic meanings which relates the content, unlike a generic div whch can be used in any ways.

My next step is to craft on new design elements. I've a few ideas. One of it is overlaying my face picture with dots. Or some monthly graphics representation, like a christmas tree for the month of december. The backgound should have some images, it will be full screen on the landing front. Or Parallex? The kinda in trend style for the year. Well, why not.

I've always fond on simplistic design, minimal but yet good enough content. White space is always prefered than any other elements that will use up white spaces. Long scroll, lazy loading? And the list go on and on.

Xiao Mei Wedding
Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Xiao Mei uploaded her wedding videos onto YouTube recently. I was warmly lit at heart as I saw her in bright wedding gown. She is still the chubby little shy girl. She resembled a simliar japanese cartoon character. I can't recall the name.

She was my classmate in my primary school. She was the quiet, shy girl that sat in front, because she was shorter than the rest. She had squaint eyes, dark complexion with the smallest humble. We don't usually talk actually, since she was that quiet.

I'm certainly happy to see her in the wedding dress in the clip. She is someone different now. Hey,we have not met for ages! I mean, really, for since after we left primary schools? Wow! Ya, go ahead and accuse me for being anti-social. -,-

Anyway, talking about Wedding. I'm totally unrelated it, somehow. I am really not sure how did this feeling arrived. As I was watching Xiao Mei, this chain of thoughts came to me. What about me? Strangely, I had never gave it a thought. Really, what is it gonna be like. I can only say, I have the slightest clue. I deserve a whack on my head, right? Haha..yup.

With my heart-felt joy for the just-married, congratulation and best wishes!

Company Dinner
Friday, December 14, 2012

Well, a dinner that I'm obliged to go. As usual in every sort of "company dinner", there will be the nonsensical jokes, laughter that seems just for the good laugh for some lame reason, getting so pumped up for the feast and alochol. Sigh.

Not that I'm anti-social, it's perhaps the madness and the thing that trigger one's the other picture. End of the day, I get so fueled up by the food, the drinks, and the nonsense. Sometimes, I just wish for a small little peace in mind.

The theme for the dinner is Masquerade. I was proud of myself that I've made myself a mask. Pretty cool, huh. My design sense still works, despite the hush hush negative comments. Haha. It's not cheap though, 14 bucks. That is quite a bomb when my monthly income is probably just there. Sad, isn't it?

I was pleasantly surprised that Johnny won the award. I was thinking it will be Kent or Carissa, since both of them seems to me closer to the employer. Congrats to Johnny, well deserve a reward. I liked too that he mentioned that he was initially hired as a webmaster, and gradually rose to his position. Reserve psychology, I guess the employers got a much deserved kicked on their asses. Poor judgement again. Not something new for this company.

Well, thanks to the employer for the big feast. Merry Christmas, and have a fruitful year ahead.

No bonus, no adjustment
Sunday, December 09, 2012

How can it be worst than that?! That's the reality I'm facing. Dumbfolded, I don't think I could sleep well. -.-

But anyway, I've gone above the line, thinking that this is the company that I shan’t not  miss. My mistakes, my huge mistake, my bad. Sobs. Why on earth did I not chose the other much more promising and much much bigger company. Well, that really puzzled me.

So now, what to do?! I have a cash burning trip to come, monthly loan repayments. I'm totally cash strapped.

The Job
Sunday, November 25, 2012

This is perhaps painful and unexpected. I'd knocked the door of HR, and even sent out an email to the team I'm working with. Frankly, I'm unhappy over the matters of HR.

And so, it was scheduled for a talk-about on Monday. I was all gamed for it, but things turned out in a different course. I was furious deep inside when some of the biased, single minded comments were read out and the hirer was keened to those. It seems like the hirer is looking for a "good" personality rather than someone who is there for real business. Then, I asked for a few days for me to think about it.

It was all over me for the past few days till I laid my confirmation. I'm not particular interested over the little conflicts and disagreements. I'd rather put the focus on the work performance instead of being the "nice and good" guy to work with. Pathetic, many work as if there is always a place tomorrow. Argh! Let's not go into that.

Work Work work
Saturday, November 17, 2012

It's been some time since my last post. Well, it had been a overworked work week. Just too many fire to put off, really... it was like non-stop madness. I was lucky on Friday afternoon, everything sort of came to a peaceful work week ending.

Not much a fond on the work actually. I had been brooding over it for the past few weeks. And at last, G finally does the job - for my review, eyes rolled. *Shakes head* Come on la..really, if you're not interested to put me through, let's not waste time. I was a bit surprised that they responded early. I thought they would - As always, I guess - take their own sweat time, read as taking my advantage, and till someone jumps. Argh.. bad choice.

EE Annual dinner
Friday, October 19, 2012

This is a long catch up with the ones close to me - the EE guys. As usual, not many were able to turn up, the usual few of us were there. Not surprising, it's hard to get everyone on a table.

I've rather mix feelings after the dinner. Our usual engineering keened topics are just the other side of what I'd get in office, and I enjoy it. In fact, it helped me to retrace myself who I was. The dull, somewhat - presumably - knowledgeable, spontaneous response, and quick witted. It was just out of no where that we got ourself into Al203, the debate of a transition element and +2 or +3. That was just wonderful. Occasionally, with humours of the life's little bits of "Are you going to buy a car?" interrogation, and swung ourselves to the A B C joke. There is no such thing as A, it's B for business and C for consumer. Apparently, WL was just too fast when the eager entrepreneur asked, "so... what is the business like? B2B, B2C?", and she replied "NO...we are A B C." That was hilarious, she had not had a clue of the business clue.

Everyone looked tired during the dinner. It was after work, and we were just not the bunch of hang out gang that has much to talk about. Nonetheless, it was a enjoyable catch up.

Of alcohol
Saturday, October 13, 2012

I was asked to go for a drink again, and I gave in. It's not that I don't drink, but I don't want to be drunk.

We were on of our way - thanks to Cillian, strolling along Neil Road. Didn't know that this place is for the youngsters. It's a trendy place to be. We stopped by a few restaurant, and most of them ran out of food. Eventually, we settled at one of small pub.

Fact is, with the alcohol running down my throat, I'd loosen up and begin my utter rants. Argh.. Yup, they got me in. Ranting about how unfair it was, ranting about how shall it be better. I shouldn't have said so, I've told myself to remain silent if such intrusive questionings came. It's the alcohol that is playing the trick. Cillian recommended a mild Japanese beer. It's good. Mild and just enough for the rather empty stomach. Oh, we ordered hotdogs. Apparently, the only food available in the shop, and cost quite a bomb.

It's time
Friday, September 21, 2012

It's actually a long ride, a long struggle, in me. Well, for how long I'd need to keep this in me, won't it be better, if I ever learn? Silly me. I've been brooding over the matter for the longest ever. It's not so about the lovey-dovey - well, will I ever, haha, it's perhaps some kind of calling to have a company, of some sort. Of some people that would understand and have a bit patience to me. Not that too much I'm asking huh.

But anyway, life goes on. It has yet to be with another one, for yet another to come. My apologies for really the hurt done by me. I'm selfish and self centered many at a times. And it takes a great deal of attention and effort to gets me listen and change. It's my little wish to have a bit receptive towards words by other people. I know, how rude it is that I gave a impression that I wasn't listening. In fact, I heard all. It's just that my body reacted faster than speech.

Friday, September 14, 2012

A few days back, Jing Teng asked whether I'm a introvert. Well, being new to the company, I've really not much to say. It's just me that I preferred to keep to myself, unlike the much more hippie Jing Teng. Young, cheerful, and happy.

Many at a times i keep to my fold, really pretty much a quiet guy. That's why I'm having this funny problem finding hard to express myself. Worst, I may hurt feelings unintentionally. Haha, silly me.

Well, it had been a while that I had not tend to myself. I have this tendency of over disciplining myself. Overwhelmingly in some ways. Well, I guess. It's just me. Me, and me myself. :)