Entry: PM Friday, March 29, 2013

It rather annoys me to say that I'm in the PM team. Many at times, I just felt like whacking up the team to get a better grip over project management. Sigh.

Non-stop complains, why can't you focus on the positive aspect of someone instead of watching over the particular spaces of someone's horrible life that one just can't do certain thing. Argh.

It was all over me again on Friday when you-know it's milestone time. All hell break loose, gosh! Why can't we collaborate, why can't we work together, why must it be he-did-that, and you didn't do this. To be honest, it's pathetic to see how a project breaks apart. Torn to pieces of he-did-this, he didn't. -.-

I'm puzzled. Really.

23 April:

Am I prepared to resign?

No, I'm not. I'm not giving up hope, though that I have long lost faith in the company. It's shattering to see the deplorable state, mismanagement, everyone to blame. What is worst when it's slammed on one's initiative. Hello, it's not like it's a new procedural issue. It's been there since for dead time. Yes, new initiative is indeed required, but where is the incentive to do so? Won't it a waste of time to bring up the whole matter again, and back to the chalkboard? And before time runs out, people leaves one by one.

And again, I got another desperate email. Desperate for a change, why not change the perspective in your damn head. Could I propose to you to look at the positive? Re-evaluate your impression image that had it stuck in your head, sometime it helps to resolve matter, quicker. Apparently, funny as it is, some do like to communicate in letters, write email. In a way, it's a good way to ignore the reader's reaction, but certainly that doesn't help to bridge healthy communication. It needs face to face communication. Read the eye, learn the gesture. That will tell the reaction. Who knows people might just trash your email and forget about it. In retrospect, face to face communication gives ample space to learn from each other, from gesture, from spoken words, and even warms relationship. But of course, it's a healthy two way communication la. I am yet again puzzled, you don't need to see the reaction one ha?

But anyway, coming back to the real question. Yes, I have lost faith to the company. Since the probation review, screw me, I got it wrong again. This is a company that is unlikely gamed for growth. A big one, I mean. Oh gosh...Bala is perhaps right. This company is really on the plateau. It's either another uphill or head for a fall. Going by how the company works, it's unlikely that people is ready for another big uphill trajectory. I have big doubts in it, even to myself. How do I fit in this picture? Hmm...


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