Entry: Birthday again Friday, July 05, 2013

It's birthday again. Hello, 29. Aiks, that's old. Hugs on pard-pard. Guess, I shouldn't at this age. Argh, whatever.

This year birthday is slightly different. Maybe it was due to work. I was swarm by the huge amount of work for the past 2 weeks. And, I'd the privilege to meet up with my ex-boss. A bit of talk about job. Ahem, how should I interpret it. I think it must be for something good la. hehe.

Anyway, no birthday leave. For the strange rule, Monday and Friday there shan't be anyone taking birthday leave. The strangest ever reason in the world. It must have been, seriously. No point ranting la, this is the one damn company you doesn't want to labour for. Hell, I'm still around. Haha...Anyway, I was so tired on Thursday night class. I was in my state of calm in the night class. I had to kept asking questions to keep me awake. There were plenty of questions on my head, eh. Well, when it comes to chim stuffs, it's hard to get by the thinking part.

After the night class, I hopped over to Singpost KFC. My favourite meal. As usuaul, had my KFC for the night. It's a bless~. Really!

On Friday, my holiday mood instantly turned on. I had every reasons to be not so responsive in my emails. It was my damn birthday in a work place. *shake head* Mich and Sarah were smart enough to wish me out loud when the bosses are not around early morning. I also bowed to Selwyn as a sign of thank you, when he deliberately said it out in office. Get that!

Later on, I met up with Poh Neo, uncle Chua and uncle Chia for dinner. They are always the best buddies, though they are more than doubled my age. hehe! Forgot to take a snap. Aiya. We had a long dinner. A buffet in hotel Grand Mercure. It was on international course, with a bit of Nyonya flavour.

Glad that I'd hid my birthday in Facebook. I received no SMS, no Facebook notifications about my birthday. Not that I'm selfish, just that even myself don't really celebrate my birthday.

Thank you all for the day.


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