Entry: ลมเปลี่ยนทิศ - BIG ASS Thursday, July 18, 2013

Seriously no way to dodge this bullet of love again. Haiz..life oh life.

I thought this is gone. For years, long gone. Why? Tam mai ah? I guess, sometimes in life, there is always the little thing that will boomerang. Take it! And face it.

Come to think of it, I'd really really not thinking about Love, since 2008/2009. Now that was quite a tragic. And how did it triggered the little moment? Spare me wonder please. Maybe, it was back in 2006 December when I drove to the beach to forget about the first love. Yes, First Love with caps on.

Moments. The little period in every interval that keeps every memory lasting.

I had every reasons to be moody the whole week. And it seems to be affecting my daily work. But it's good to be low for a period of time. To be reminded of the little pieces of work done in the past. I just can't hold back this emotional raft. Well, I thought I would handle it well. Apparently, I didn't.


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