Entry: What a day Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I'm mentally exhausted. A very tiring day.

And again, I'd the same bad dream. It was a little bit different. It wasn't that painful. But yea, it indeed reminded me again my struggles in the past. Yes, I live alone or rather I've been living alone, and sometimes it took a great of courage to face all sort of pitfalls in life. But again, was I that week? Maybe...

The day started differently today. I slipped and fell in the wet kitchen. I wasn't paying attention at all. I usual do, but the issue with the story film kept my mind spinning. I remembered it was 2 moments. I yelped "aiyo.." and then I became aware that I'd slipped. My eyesight had titled looking upwards to the sky. I saw my right root pointed to the air. Haha..

At work, I couldn't resist the new digital single of Getsunova. I still have no idea what is the meaning of the song. Let me wait for the full version.

It was a mind blogging day in office, especially the SMOTA. There were heaps to go, and everyone seems wanted to know shortcut answer. I had responded to many in a rather funny yet bizarre. Many of times, I couldn't change my line of thought from execution to something to thing needs a decision that quickly. Many frown as they didn't get what I meant. That's pretty usual.


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