Entry: Wedding Thursday, October 24, 2013

I had a short trip home for Ting Gu's Wedding. I couldn't full spell her name. It was indeed fun to see everyone again.

I didn't sleep well in the coach. That's normal. I usual don't sleep well in a coach, because I was worry that I might flew out of my seat. Bang the window of some sort, and die tragically. Perhaps I'd too much trip on a bus, it developed sort of this instinct to watch yourself. I don't know, somehow I was too worry for myself in a coach.

The usual bus stop. Sri Maju Bus Station. How many years I've come to this bus station and use their bus services to different part of the country. *Shrug* I love that place. I like the staff there, I like the seat there, and I like the little memories that lingers in every corner.

That was a busy Saturday. This is my first time attending a morning session wedding. It was fun to see how the guys poke fun at the girls. And it was indeed an eye opener to participate a Chinese wedding ceremony. There was a range of stuffs prepared for the wedding.

Later in the evening, I had dinner in a restaurant downtown. I was humbly rejoiced to see everyone. It was a real good dinner.


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