Entry: Tired of getting mad Friday, October 25, 2013

I'd say it's rather unexpected to say that I got tired of the anger. What not, it's about the job again. Yes, boring.

What makes today different was the joke on the new intern, Michael. Johnny was commenting that we should manage their workload. I was fumed up. That is not my responsibility, though I tried. I was even annoyed that when Kent and him joined hands to put pressure onto us. Well, I just can't take some of the arguments that just don't sound. Heck, when salary was brought up to the table. It was outrageous in me. It was further pushed up a notch when in defiance, they compared that I have an option to choose, while the intern don't. My god. I blew up instantly. Apparently, they forgot the meaning of a rice bowl. Rice bowl can't be changed easily, my friends.

But again, it's not a surprise to hear what the kids say. Usually, full of logic flaws. Good thing is that, I realize that I do get tired for whatever nonsense in my head. I'm glad that weekend is here. And a very good time to rest.

I'm tired.


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