Entry: 2 Job interviews Monday, November 11, 2013

What a day. I had 2 job interviews on the same day, though I wish the second one to be earlier.

Both went pretty okay, I didn't impress both. Well, since both jobs are mere support role. I don't think they are looking for some next-big-star candidate. In fact, I was pretty sad on the first interview. It was a little bit quick, and I was like rushed out, without a proper hand-shake with the Manager. I was a bit puzzled, why they didn't mentioned what's next for me.

The second one was a easy one. She is a bit auntie alike. I can talk out with auntie very well. hehe! But I was disappointed that she was just looking for someone to manage the XML. And I was like, ? XML REALLY? That difficult? XML is just a tree data structure...I think she didn't get what I meant as a tree. Oh my. She mentioned that the salary is a bit off mark, but I told her twice that the salary is really negotiable.


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