Entry: What's next Wednesday, November 20, 2013

I'm baffled by my thoughts. I am very worried what will be installed for me next. Will I get to move on to a better job or will I get stuck here and get booted out one day? It's not that bad isn't it?

I must admit that I am focusing all my energy on the job interview outcome. Yes, I know, I shouldn't. There are much more things to do right? I am too desperate to leave this low key life and back to the high gear. Yes, it's the salary. I really cannot afford to stay in this low pay job. It's getting ridiculous as I inched closer to 30 years old. Come on. I do a lot of better things.

It has been 9 days since the interviews. There is no response yet. And I really pray for the better to come. I have a sense that this is all not too good, and I may have to re-look again in the job portal. Whatever it is, I really wish to get out of here and back to something challenging.

Perhaps, it's the nasty emails I got today from Paran. But honestly, he overreacted. Probably riding on the wave on the past incident. If that's your wish, please do. I've already killed myself here long time back.


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