Entry: Replacement Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Wow wow wow. This is shocking, this is major headline news! MAJOR, major man.

I am getting sacked.

Well, they got me faster than I do. Not surprising to see the company is taking on the move, but I am very surprised by how the team ganged up. Yes, Team S against the poor me. Smack me please. Team S is Selwyn, Paran, and Aloy. I am totally shocked by how precise they were in getting someone. Well, you have to, isn't it? Totally shocking, to the point that they are like burning bridges. Well, certainly, I don't worth anything in the team. I like how they describes me as 'a burden'. Good, at least I am something of some load. I totally agree with many nasty things they say. But I cannot believe that they do such thing. I mean, really? To burn the bridges down, really?

To be concrete here, here's the hard statement. Glups. Team S is seeking G for a replacement. They would rather run project's task by themselves than giving it to me (this smells like someone is riding on the wave).

Hush hush, very harsh.

I think somehow the talk-about got into G's sympathy. G said that he has not done this kind of HR issue for a long time. Scary shit. This is f big. As usual, he did a lot of analysis. His psycho thingie. Somehow or rather, he didn't really get into the crux of the matter. F'ing low pay, sir. But anyway, spotlight shouldn't be on me. Or rather it should, because this is 100% my thing that I need to deal with.

I know, I've killed myself in the company. The fire in me has gone after the probation review. Gosh, how can they be quicker than me. My god, this team S. Totally unexpected. I know, I just need to prepare the letter. No thanks, G. It's already put up-front, and G, you know too, that it's a no no for me to have anymore engagement with team S. Thanks for giving me a way to put this show down.

I had a bolt of joy in me, in a small corner in my heart. It's finally over. I can focus 100% of my attention for my next port of call. Finally, the little anxiety, nervousness for the past few weeks is now gone. Peace is back in me. Argh..finally.

Glad that I'd a chat with Sam in Facebook. He told me the thing between him and Dave. His view on team S, even praised me that I managed to hook on team S for a long time. He did asked me to find a better job. I have not told him what happened just a few hours ago - that I am getting sacked. I told Alan about it. Hopefully he got the message that I may need financial help next month. God, oh God. I shall leave this money issue tomorrow to think about it.

In some way, I am glad that things are over now. I'm really glad that I have a direction now. Get a job, soonest.


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