Entry: The aftermath Thursday, November 28, 2013

I was light-footed to work today. I am all aware that game is over. I am all aware too that I am in a crisis. Mid-life crisis, a very early one.

I was deeply scorned, but in some way there is peace. I am moving away from a dark cloud to thunder storm. How am I going to find a job within a month.

I replied to G's email immediately this morning. Yes, option 2. Never option 1, no more chance for any engagement with Team S. Heck, Selwyn seems not aware that there is a milestone tomorrow, and this is going to f big, if he didn't manage to load things up to client.

And so, this morning, I had a chatty conversation with Jan. I must really thank her for the company. It is not easy to pull through this, especially the team is against you.

Lucky star, oh lucky star. There you are. At 11.30am, a job offer came in to my mailbox, but there is a catch, it has yet to be approved by their management. Immediately, my entire body just slumped on the sofa. For a moment, I'm back to the normal me. Relaxed.

At lunch, Jan asked me to join her, and to talk about it. I shared with her the new job as well the incident yesterday night. I am certainly grateful that there is someone that stands on myside. Yesterday, Alan became not so responsive when I told him that I may need his help (financially), again. Jan on the other hand, is very supportive. She gave me plenty of advises, told me several times not to think too much. Yes, I think a lot! She tried to talk to me about Hong Kong. Focus on the happy part, and not to worry too much. So far, I've not met any person that can fully understand someone who is independent, detached from family life, and living all by himself. I think she can feel what is running through my head, and the rough emotions all over me. She even asked me to go for a run. Yes, I should!


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