Entry: Hong Kong & Guangzhou Saturday, November 30, 2013

It was still all over me the last night before I depart for the trip. It was supposed to be a enjoyable fun trip, but my mind was kept to what had just happened to me. I tried to stay happy, and be forgetful. I can't. I even brought my happy food. The KFC meal. Didn't work. I tried to meditate. No, didn't work either. What made things worst was Johnny's text. Oh my, he caught me in the wee hours. I couldn't sleep at all. We were talking about his employment contract. He must be feeling bad about it. I'm sorry for that, it was really beyond me.

I was awoke by the alarm. It was 3am. I was too tired for not having enough sleep. I was back on my slumber till 4. Disgusted that I couldn't get enough rest, I prepared myself for the 6.30am morning flight to Hong Kong. I was still in a state of shock. Argh.

On the cab ride to the airport, Wanxin messaged in Whatapp. And we started a very long conversation about the entire freaking fiasco. The conversation ended when the flight was about to take off. I was telling myself to chill-out and just enjoy the expensive taxi ride. It turned out that it wasn't that expensive. 15 bucks, if i'm not wrong.

But it's kinda cool to have somebody to talk to for a solo trip. I had never that busy texting with someone from the journey to airport to getting my butt on the seat of the aircraft. I was paying much attention to the already crowded early morning Changi. The airport was so busy, so many people.

On board the aircraft, I was too tired. I didn't had a good sleep. My mind was all over the fiasco, the conversation with Wanxin. Took my book out, and get my focus to read. I can't honestly. I had a pre-ordered meal. I didn't know that it comes with 2 drinks. Good deal! I chose chicken rice as the meal. It was delicious. Steaming hot. And I had it with a hot green tea. Double heat for the chilly cabin. Another round of green tea made me much more awake.

But still, my mind was locked to the fiasco. Gosh, for how long more I will be locked. 3 hours in the flight, I had yet to thrash whatever happened away. As the aircraft geared for landing, I started to feel a bit of excitement. Right after I stepped out of the aircraft, gazing over the blue sea ocean next to the tarmac. I realized that whatever had happened to me stayed in the aircraft. I was free.


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