Entry: Hong Kong & Guangzhou Day 1 Sunday, December 01, 2013

Convertium was left on the plane, it didn't touched on Hong Kong. It didn't. I was feeling the chilly weather. In a sudden, I was back in reality. A bolt of joy, jumped and yelped. I'M IN HONG KONG!

Oh my, I under-packed. The temperature was just over 10 degree celsius. It was freaking chilly. I thought I did checked the climate of Hong Kong. And how on earth did I packed for summer wear in Hong Kong's winter season. Oh my.

I was greeted by the rather splashes of the old Hong Kong sight as the bus I boarded went along the outskirt of the city. I reached Admiralty station which is in the Hong Kong island. Everything look way too familiar, though the last time in Hong Kong was like 25 years back. I like the old building structure around Admiralty station. I think it did went through some retrofits, but the heritage flavour remains.

I waited for the shuttle bus to the hotel. As I stood there, a couple asked me whether I was waiting for some buses. I responded naturally in my native dialect. I felt immediately at home. I felt very comfortable conversing in Cantonese, but I was cautious that the Cantonese that I spoke varies quite differently than the Hong Kongers.

The bus came, and I hoped on the bus. The hotel is on top of a hill, somewhere in Mid Levels - high class area I supposed. I was a little disappointed when they offered me a room at the forth floor. I expected to be higher for a better view. Hey, I paid $500 for 2 nights.

After getting myself ready for the day, I was shocked to see that all my clothings I bought along were totally out of fashion. Oh man! I can't walk out the door with summer wear. It's dead winter in Hong Kong. Argh. I scrambled my way to the nearest retail clothing shop. Ching Ching, 100 bucks gone for a sweater. But well, it kept me warm for the entire journey.

The night was uneventful. I was pretty tired. To be honest, I wasn't really prepared for this trip. A walk around the Financial Area, and I brought an expensive chicken pie and a Latte as my very late tea break. I sat on the bench along the Hong Kong island bay area overlooking the mainland. I like the see breaze. I was all calm and collected after the brouhaha in me long gone. It recalled the old Hong Kong that I used to know. Hong Kong is like mix of old memories with new discoveries, new makings. I like everything here except for the outnumbered mainland chinese tourist. Argh. There were just too many of them.

I hopped on the bus ride to Hill Top. I was really really tired by then. I dozed off on the trip up and down. Had another expensive Vietnamese dinner before returning hotel. Surprisingly, the food here were quite expensive.


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