Entry: Hong Kong & Guangzhou Day 2 Monday, December 02, 2013

I woke up early for the trip with Hansen. I'd booked a day trip with Michael Hansen. It turned out to be a real good trip.

I arrived early at the meeting point, and I headed to a nearby temple. Uncle Quek recommended this temple as a must-go. This is very old temple. I can't remember the name. It's somewhere near Diamond Hill MTR station. An anicent temple built many years back. This is a very chinese influnced temple, chinese by means that the nine dragon king. It did had some Zen elements in it. Hard to tell.

Anyway, I met Hansen with a few more ang mohs in the group. I was quite excited to go to where we planned - Sai Kung, but I was curious to know whether I could get along well with all the ang mohs. Haha...Michael was a really nice guy. He was a Danish. All of the ang mohs were Europens. They were cool, just that they liked to tease me with Singlish, and the broken English like 'out-station'. Hey, I am not an English, and it's presumptious that I can speak like you.

I shall let the pictures say it all. Just simply breathtaking.

We had tea break and lunch in Sai Kung. The scenary was just too beautiful, I didn't struck on any long conversations with them as the entire trip was so enjoyable. Love the chill, love the sunshine and everything there. We had a small incident. One of the lady had her foot scraped with rocky seabed. One of the speedboat taker asked whether we would want to take the speedboat instead. And off we cruised back to Sai Kung town. Along the way, I saw the most beautiful mountain I ever seen. The surface of the mountain underwent a dramatic scalping by the strong wind. It was beautiful.

I parted Micheal and the rest of the group members. I walked around Sai Kung town, and get myself changed at the Sai Kung football stadium wash room. It was supposed to be a very beautiful evening, but I was underclothed. Haiz... I left Sai Kung and headed to the city area to the bustling Wong Kok.

Arrived at Wong Kok MTR, I can sense the pulse of the Hong Kong economics beats. It's the dollar sign. It's everywhere. Everyone is trying to get any penny from you. Hahha... I walked past a few restaurant to hunt for my dinner. It was gruesome to see the loads of meats hanging or laying in the puddle of boiling soup. I had no idea what was boiling soup, but it didn't smell good. It spoilt my appetite. In the end, I had a KFC meal takeaway, and some street food.


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