Entry: Alone Tuesday, January 27, 2015

I have just realized that I am pretty much a Lone Ranger. Kinda sad... But it's alright, life is indeed meant to be so.

Come to think of it. Yea... It was the supposedly wedding in Vietnam. I was just wondering why. Why. Why. Well, we are not that close either. That explains, maybe. I wasn't thinking straight when I came to know that their wedding was on the same day as my trip to Vietnam. And what a surprise to me! I texted them and even ask for their address, thinking I might be a able to catch up with them. Sigh, I should have quick witted that I wasn't informed. Shouldn't have the thought to crash someone's wedding. Luckily, I didn't.

Ever since I'm done with buddhism studies, I have plenty of free time. Too much free time for silly thought Huh. Haha. Little did I realize that I am indeed a lone ranger. Yes, you were right, mr ex-boss. And I am glad to be so ( In a way). I am all to myself, do whatever I like, go wherever I wanna go. I'm pretty much a free man, no strings attached.

Sometimes, looking at those facebook post do gives me a sight of a heave. Yea, it's all the cool pics, best gift, top dining place, awesome food, great company... And.. I have none of those. Pretty sad huh. All I had in my facebook was some silly photos taken abroad. Great company. Hey, look.. I don't have any. My great companies are me, myself, and myself. Well, let's not forget the BPC folks. But I do like the company of a cosy night, moonlight shinning onto my bed, quiet peaceful night. That's all I enjoy. How I wish to go back to Wat Pah Nanachat. I love that every night. Sitting meditatively on a thin blanket, overseeing the monastery toilet, a lighted candle in faint moonlight night, darkness and chill all around. How enjoyable. :)


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