Entry: 1st Checkpoint Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The first checkpoint, that is to renewal my passport. I've got it done today.

And so, the passport will expire in 05 Nov 2020. What will really happen from now to 2020. Will it be really what I'd planned? Or something else.

So what is the meaning of the first checkpoint. The meaning of it is that, I'm halfway to my final checkpoint. Heck, I am so far away from my goal. When, when will I start to be really serious. Sigh. Well, the passport renewal is done. One step at a time, ain't it?

I wasn't really thinking too much in the entire trip to the embassy. Partly, because I am sort of immune to this kind of feeling, feeling of looking at the past. It has been 5 years since graduation, 5 years of work life here. And what have I really achieved. Seems nothing, but just enjoying myself. To be dead honest, many at times I always remind myself on my failures. This helps to bring down my ego. 5 years gone, what is the next 5 years to come. I do have it planned. But to go there seems difficult. Anyway, let's try ya!

The next checkpoint is in next year April. That is to renew my PR, terminate my mobile plan. And I think I will be ready for Thailand.


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