Entry: Vesak 2015 Monday, June 01, 2015

I'd a good relaxing day, yet so tiring. Yea, every Vesak is just so tiring. So many to do, so much feelings, so much time to enjoy a good time.

I cleaned up my room on Saturday. Ugh, so much dust and dirt. The dirty water was choking up the toilet. Somehow I felt the days in Wat Pah Nanachat. So much cleaning. Nonetheless, my room just feel so much cleaner now. I have still yet to clean my wardrobe and my work table. Anyway, I still have plenty of time.

Sunday was just lovely. I'd lunch with Poh Neo at an expensive noodle shop nearby. I regretted it. It's just over priced, and the bowl of noddles cost me 10 bucks! What! Anyway, it's Sunday. A happy day. Pre-Vesak Day. Later in the evening, I met Mee Leng, LJ, Chong Lung. We were there for evening chant. Enjoyable. And as usual, we'd head out for tea or late night supper. I was causally asked Mee Leng whether she would do a overnight sitting. And she gladly said yes. Haha.. And there I was meditating from 10ish to 2am at a corner in my rom. Way to go... I know the sitting quality was pretty bad. Each posture lasted for only 30minutes, or even lesser. I can understand that. I can't sit sill, my mind was all over the place. Though I was relatively focus in the first hour, but the next few hous fell apart. That's just not the normal routine me, in which I could pay great deal of attention on 1 thing. After close to 4 hours of sitting, I was really tired. And I hit the bed.

The next day, it's the big day - A day of accomplisment. Not that I've accomplished anything, but I think I started to re-thinking about my goals again. The 4 hours of sitting really put me my own shoe. I know the hope, the aspiration to head to the Dhamma path. I realized that I am so out the path, there are so many catch up work to do. I'm glad to spend the time reflecting, and to think again what and where is my goal.

Surely, the Dhamma.


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