Entry: Of leaving Sunday, November 15, 2015

It's always sad to leave.

Sad to leave fellow kids in the monastery. Sad to leave those naughty moments, these kids... It was indeed overwhelming at times, but now I have a mixed feelings of everything. Especially tawan, he is annoying at times but sometimes helpful. I was thinking whether to tell his guardian over his mischief, but again I'm baffled if this is a matter that I should pick up. Well, this is his private matters. Why should I bother.

Really sad to leave Wat Pah Nanachat for the second time. There were at least 14 guests this time round. 3 of them aspired to be a monk, which is incredible to say. Daniel, Fernando and Alex, I wish them luck. We had a good exchange of Dharma talks, but really what Dharma talk we talking about when we are just the lay people.

This trip is a trip of katin. The monastery is very busy on katin, and should be avoided if possible. The monks were busy attending to hundreds of guest monks, pouring from different part of the province. Senior, and the most respectable monks, their top priority. That means, less time for lay folks like me. In fact, I had very little interactions with the monk there.

On my way out of Ubon, my tears fell for the second time. I was on-broad, and about to take off Ubon airport. Ubon, the town of much prosperity. Many great stories were said, and especially the pindapata. This town is indeed a town when giving means everything. The rich kept the most, the poor give the most. Ubon is not a tourist town, it's a local district with only 1 big mall. The richness of Buddhism, real Buddhism is significant. I fell in love with this. But I do know too, this doesn't last long.

My tears ran down because I can see such genuineness in the people here. Such genuineness, it is so different from city folks like me. Life here is plainly raw and simple, less material but more in the heart. I am so ugly when compared to any of the people here.



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