Entry: 2016 Saturday, January 09, 2016

The year has come. This is again the transition year. Gosh, I have prepared little.

Well, many knew this could be my last year in the job. And I do seriously want it to be so.

I am not ever ready to enter monastery though. I am just so unsettled. So disturbed by many things in life, the annoying phone calls from work, the ever crave for entertainment. I know it's just me, not putting any effort to restrain. That'd have curbed easily if it's watched mindfully. Sigh.

In anycase, this is in the pipeline. In April, my mobile contract will expire. I'd downgrade it so that it doesn't tie my hand. Also, PR status is due for renewal as well. Every July, renew my rental contract for the last time.

Quit and exit Singapore!


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