Entry: Lately Wednesday, February 10, 2016

I was sick twice, just a few weeks ago. The weather is unusually cool, I reckon it will be hot as in a hot oven this coming summer. Ugh...

As usual, I am struggling to get up early. Why oh why, am I that lazy. I think I am just getting too comfortable in my life now. With plenty of money in hand, and a 8 to 6 job. What is there to worry. I am just so so wrong. Maybe I should just plunge myself into a 'technical recession' again, and get myself all up for a fight.

One thing good though, I've been trading intensely. Just a big lost yesterday, but never-mind. It's always up and down, so long I stick my strategy.

I am also putting up a new habit. Clean my room weekly, instead of fortnightly. Something good, but I got to clear my stuffs. Gotta give away my items put in storage, really.

In anyway, I do hope I can keep up with this new habit, new lifestlye, continue to work harder by waking up early, not to be lazy!


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