Entry: July Vacations Monday, August 15, 2016

We're closing in, closing in...to the end of the year.

I read my post blog posts, and I realized. Hey hey, it's all about the final destination. Yup, how could I forget that. How could I.

Lately, it's about work work work after the July's vacations. Yea, many vacations. One to Ubon, and then to Chiang Mai, and then again Bangkok. Something different, not so much of any difference, it's all in Thailand. LOL.

And so, Ubon. As always, lovely. I met a Thai guy, 22 years old kid. A rather not so Thai, Thomas. He is something different. As I myself is a truly Asia - truly I am, never had I a fond on Western culture, Thomas on the other hand is very western. He knows little about South East Asia, let not history of his own country. Heck! He didn't even know there are many airlines flying to Ubon, not just WE. He speaks in a total American way, which is kinda odd to me. Well, he is part of the elite class, considering how his way of life has been. 10 years in the States, back to Thailand for his Secondary School, did his degree in the UK, and now going back to the UK for his Master. Woa. I always fancy to think how low i am, how lowly born i am, compared to him. Such a elite, high flyer. Way to go, Thomas!

Chiang Mai, hmmm... school~. Mae Wang school stay. Well, i did enjoy the company of the all-girls group, it's strange in a way. Strange that, where are the guys? It's kinda tiring, physical labour work. Grrrr, yea.. I didn't like that much of physical work, and definitely not the men's work. Come on, it's a holiday to me. I was sweating mad, working out all for the school.

Bangkok was fun. It was my first ever family trip, minus my sister, who can't join us. I screwed the journey back to home, I forgot Thai time is one hour behind MY's time, in which it means I have to add in 1 extra hour. My bad, we missed to the train. Anyway, I didn't like it at all. I do feel guilty that I made them walk all the way from the train station back to the hotel. That's like a 15min stroll. A pain, if it's repeated for a few times. Everyone enjoys the room, the hotel. That's a ply point. And we all love WE, Thai Smile. I am glad that, they were impressed by WE. The service, tip-top. Product, perfect! We've got some special meal.


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