Entry: 9 more days Monday, November 06, 2017

The departure is set. I have 9 days to go, just 9 more days.

I am sad, I am feeling again the nature of uncertainty. With no firm job offered at hand, I am again at the mercy of the uncertainty.

But why is this coming back again and again? Isn’t it always uncertain? isn’t it always changing by nature?

So why do I have to worry? Why do I have to feel so much anxiety, fear, and sometimes panic. Why, why, why have i still not learnt? That the way of life is always a constant changing, why do i always hope of stability.

I am afraid, afraid yet again the passing of time. I am always afraid of passing of time, as if really there is an end of everything. Why do i always have such view.

Silence, stillness could me again to reality checks. That i have still not learn.

KOYASAN SHINGON BUDDHISM (short ver.) from augment5 Inc. on Vimeo.


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